March 3, 2016

Why it’s hard to be a Franklin TN REALTOR® in a hot market

worlds-smallest-violinGet your violins out and start feeling sorry for real estate agents in Franklin TN.

“Why?” you may ask, after all every day my friends and clients utter the words, “you must love being a Realtor in Franklin when the market is hot like this!?”, as though selling houses is as easy as (or easier than) breathing.


While I love that our market is buoyant and healthy there is one big problem – there are less homes for sale in Franklin than there are homebuyers.  “So what?” you might ask and so here’s the rub.

Imagine a desirable home comes on the market, I may be one of 9 or 10 agents with interested clients but, I’m away from my computer and out with my “other client” (Yes, I have more than one client as much as I want each one to feel like they’re the only one).  Please note, I’m not out sipping cocktails and partying (this is the difference between what consumers think real estate agents are doing and what I’m really doing!).

When I get back to my computer, I email out the listing and call you (my client), we scramble to get into the house as soon as possible and as we leave we find out there are already 3 offers on the table.  This becomes VERY stressful & frustrating for both agents and homebuyers, after all, we were only 3 hours late to the party!

What’s your current home’s value?

I can offer several solutions to this problem.

My first solution is to get into homes pre-market.  I’m constantly networking with fellow productive agents and often my clients are in homes before they are MLS listed.  Having an aggressive agent on your team is key to getting you the right results – you can always complete a personal home search request on my website and I’ll start letting you know about homes for sale that you may never see in the MLS.

Second up is my dedicated real estate App.  Unlike the others you may have seen out there, my app is updated multiple times a day with ACCURATE (see why you should NEVER Trust Zillow) info and will remove listings that are already under contract.  This allows us to keep up with new listings while we are mobile.

Download or have my App sent to your phone for free

A hot market is far from easy to navigate and working without an agent is going to make for a very frustrating home search process – if you fall asleep with the words, “it’s already under contract” ringing in your ears, perhaps a different approach is in order?

Buying or selling I’m always ready to assist you with your Franklin Real estate needs – I have over 15 years experience and a group of clients who consistently feel like I treated them as I would family.  I can always be reached at 615 579-7909 via Facebook and of course Email.

What’s your current home’s value?

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