February 10, 2016

Why I love my “soft” southern snow days

SnowDayCancelledTNToday’s blog post is inspired by my clients from New York (but could just as easily be from anywhere it snows “for real”).

It’s no secret us Southerners get lambasted as being soft when it snows – here’s how it works:

  • Extreme cold forecast – SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED!
  • Potential for snowfall – SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED!
  • Actual snowfall – SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED! (Usually for more than 1 day just in case)
  • Snowfall of 6″ or more – THE ENTIRE STATE IS CLOSED!!

Yes, I think it seems a little like overkill too, but here’s why we keep on smiling in the south and being polite.  You see we don’t have to pay for snow removal like they do elsewhere and that helps keeps our taxes low!  That left me wondering, how much money are we really talking about?

Well thanks to our friends at Google I quickly learned that in 2011 New York City (yep, just the city, not the state) spent $124,000,000 on snow removal (source) compare that to the entire state of TN which, in 2011 spent the whopping sum of “nearly”… drumroll… $25,000,000 (source).

What’s this??  Of course, you’re smart enough to say that there’s a huge population and size difference between NYC and TN – sure there is, but NYC has a population of 8.406 million compared to the ENTIRE State of TN’s 6.549 million and that still means the city spent 386% more on snow removal per capita.  Or consider the fact that  NYC’s 304.6 square miles cost $407,091 per sq mi to remove snow vs TN’s 42,181 square miles  at a cost of $593 per sq mi.

Yep, I know this analysis isn’t perfect and I’ll think of all the ways it is faulted while I sip some hot chocolate on the couch because there really isn’t even enough snow outside to go and play in and enjoy my no state income tax lifestyle – until 9.30am that is, when I’m going out showing houses.  Schools may be closed, but this weather won’t stop me, after all I used to have to walk through snow twice as deep as this to get to school in England!

As you know, whatever the weather, real estate is my business and I’m always ready to assist you with your Franklin Real estate needs – buying or selling I have over 15 years experience and a group of clients who consistently feel like I treated them as I would family.  I can always be reached at 615 579-7909 via Facebook and of course Email.

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