October 19, 2018

Rosemary Beach Property Owners Association Parking Ticket

Definitely filing this one under rants and raves, I wrote this post to help others that may receive a, “Rosemary Beach Property Owners Association Parking Ticket”, you’ll notice I put that phrase in quotes as this post is heavily geared towards search engine optimization.

On October 18th 2018, my wife, a guest and I headed to “Rosemary Beach” for dinner.  In the days immediately after Hurricane Michael we debated if we should even make the trip down South at all but, knowing how reliant the area is on tourist dollars decided that our planned vacation was probably something the locals would want us to take.

Located nicely between Seaside and Rosemary Beach we could have gone either direction to eat but decided on going to, “La Crema Tapas & Chocolate“.  “Parking in Rosemary Beach” can be a challenge and parking on “South Barrett Square” is often difficult at the best of times.  As we made our right turn into the square off “Highway 30A”, a vehicle was pulling out from a line of vehicles parked to the right of the square.  Upon parking I stepped out of my vehicle and bumped into a friend from Franklin, TN and we talked briefly about where I had parked and if there was likely to be any issue of being, “parked illegally”.  Given that there were no yellow lines on the street, no signage visible from any angle to indicate parking was in any way regulated and about 7 or 8 cars parked in front of mine, the 2 of us concluded that this was an acceptable place to park.

Below is a satellite overview that shows my vehicle’s location along with those of multiple other vehicles parked in front of me (again, there were no open spaces between my vehicle parked at the back of the line and the one at the very front).  Interestingly enough, this satellite shot was taken before construction began on “The Providence in Rosemary Beach“.  What you can see is that these were clearly designated parking spaces at the time this image was taken (note the painted lines and the empty space designated with a disabled icon) .

South Barrett Square Parking Satellite

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At this point, 4 (forty something) fully functioning and sober adults with considerable worldy experience reached the same conclusion, we were OK to “park on South Barrett Square”.

You can imagine my surprise when we returned to our vehicle to find a parking citation issued by the “Rosemary Beach Property Owners Association” for $53.  Again, I walked around my vehicle looking for ANY sign to suggest that I had parked illegally and found none, despite the fact that there are nearby posts with signage on them, NONE of them indicated that there was any type of parking restriction in the area I had parked.

Given that we were going to be leaving town on Sunday and the next day was a Friday I decided to take a jaunt back up 30A to discuss this Parking Ticket with a human being on the only day I would have the chance to.  Stopping by the, “Rosemary Beach Property Owners Association Offices” located at “200 West Water St” in Rosemary Beach I was greeted by Amy who was very pleasant indeed.  She informed me that the person I need to discuss this with was “Roxanne Sparacello” who carries the title, “Security Director” but that Roxanne was in a meeting and would be too busy to meet with me most likely, instead, offering me her business card with mobile phone number which I proceeded to text.

Text Messages Screenshot 1

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As you can see, I exchanged several texts with Roxanne (screenshots above), none of which inspired me with confidence that any appeal to this, “Rosemary Beach Parking Citation” would ever be considered on it’s reasonable merits.  In fact, the “appeal a Rosemary Beach Parking Ticket” process I have undertaken is right here – I will be sending the link to this blog post to the “RBPOA” as my appeal.

The series of photographs below, combined with the satellite imagery above, clearly demonstrate Roxanne’s statement, “the photos show you parked in the street” and “it is the roadway” are 100% inaccurate and that in fact I, (and several others) parked in what remained of previous nose in style parking spaces. 

Side strip

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The photos show that my vehicle was NOT parked, “in the street” and NOT on a, “roadway” surface, as claimed by Roxanne, but coincidentally on a surface identical to other designated parking spaces, that there was absolutely ZERO signage in any direction to suggest parking was in ANY WAY regulated in this location, which most definitely HAD been designated parking in the past and according to mock ups found at “The Providence in Rosemary Beach” is intended to be parking again.

Future image of Providence with nose in street parking as before.

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I find it compelling (and this is essentially why I wrote this blog post) that I was not alone in being ticketed on this particular evening.  Each other vehicle that was ticketed on this particular evening (and most likely many evenings before and since) reached the same conclusion – there was ZERO indication to believe these parking spaces were regulated and AMPLE indication that they were fully functional (albeit reduced in size during construction).  There simply is no reason to reach any alternate conclusion.

As such I formally request that Rosemary Beach Property Owner’s Association Parking Ticket Citation #10183972 be invalidated.

Appeal Submitted

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Updated 10/29/2018
(I will post any additional updates to this blog as they are received)

Citation resolved

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Above is a copy of the email I received this morning #CaseClosed.


Additional info for readers:

Hopefully you can see that my first intention was to approach this as any reasonable person would and talk through how a citation had been issued in at best “murky circumstances”, but based on the response, I took the time to research another angle and called the, “Walton County Sheriff’s Department”.  You see, this “Rosemary Beach Parking Citation” was issued by the “Rosemary Beach HOA”, not by any law enforcement entity.  If you find yourself in the same situation I would encourage you to talk to the Sheriff’s department yourself (850-892-8186) and ask the questions that you feel necessary to establish your comfort level.  I reached a level of comfort that this “Rosemary Beach parking ticket” as issued by the, “Rosemary Beach HOA” is not in any way enforceable by law.  In other words, non payment will not result in a nationwide warrant for my arrest being issued.  Even so, I followed up with a call to the Traffic records department of the Court (850-892-8115) where I talked with Brandy who gave me the same impression.

Bottom line – visitors to Rosemary Beach beware!  “Rosemary Beach Parking Citations” appear to be being dished out without proper authority or cause.


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