February 8, 2016

Franklin January 2016 sales show 7.6% appreciation

January 2016 is in the rear view mirror already and freshly calculated home sales paint this picture of real estate in Franklin. Sales of Single family residences in Franklin reached 102 in January 2016 (vs. 100 in January 2015). The average home sold was 3,020 sq ft (vs. 3,180 in January 2015). Average sales price was […]

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September 28, 2015

Is Franklin an Uber town?

I’ve often wondered if the highly contentious, always in the news, rideshare company Uber operates in our town of Franklin, TN.  I decided to experiment and find out for myself and the only way to do that was to experience Uber first hand. The quick answer is that the whole thing is so brilliantly simple […]

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September 11, 2015

NEVER trust Zillow

Well here we go again on one of my favorite rampages – if you are using Zillow to search for a home in Franklin TN please STOP now! Firstly, you should know that Realtracs (our MLS) does not directly provide data to Zillow.  Want to know why?  Because Zillow was publishing a high level of inaccurate information about […]

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September 4, 2015

Franklin real estate game changer

Yes I know that people like to over use the term “game changer” but if you’re thinking about buying a home in Franklin any time soon this really is game changing  information that you NEED to know. 30 Day real estate closings are about to be a thing of the past. Yes – that’s right, […]

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August 27, 2015

Is the Franklin real estate market locked up due to lack of inventory?

Not for the first time in the last few months, today I came up against what is a huge problem in the Franklin real estate market – that being a lack of inventory “liquidity”. You see, I know plenty of people who want to buy a house in the area and many more who want to sell […]

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August 25, 2015

Are we headed towards another bubble?

More than one client recently has opined that we might be headed towards another real estate bubble. As much as the “great bubble” had nothing to do with real estate values in Franklin TN but rather loose credit, looser lending standards and crooks at various stages of the process we had a substantial fall in […]

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August 5, 2015

Franklin TN home appreciation

I was working on some numbers for a client today about home price appreciation in Franklin, TN and the goal was to get a feel for if appreciation was universal or more significant in different market segments. To achieve this I looked at home prices for the first 7 months of 2014 and the first […]

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July 28, 2015

How safe is Franklin?

According to a recent report Franklin ranks #2 in the state of the top 10 safest places to live in Tennessee.  (FYI neighboring Spring Hill ranked #1). Overall Franklin had the fifth fewest total crimes per person in Tennessee but breaking it down there 1,105 total crimes as follows: 0 murders 873 thefts 90 burglaries […]

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July 23, 2015

Is it too hard to buy a house in Franklin?

It’s another day of frustration for many Franklin home buyers.  New listings came along in hot Franklin neighborhoods like Fieldstone Farms and  were under contract by the time they hit the MLS.  A lot of homes sell “pre-market” and perhaps you wonder how somebody knew about them before you did?  Professional agents are constantly alerting one another […]

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July 10, 2015

Top Selling Franklin Neighborhoods Q2 2015

Ever wondered which subdivisions in Franklin sell the most real estate? Well here are the top 5 Franklin neighborhoods from Q2 2015: Westhaven 62 closings – Price Range $348,740 – $1,082,986 Ladd Park (all sections) 41 closings – Price Range  $377,000 –  $661,000 McKays Mill 32 closings – Price Range $305,350 – $555,000 Fieldstone Farms 28 closings – $295,000 […]

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