September 11, 2015

NEVER trust Zillow

no_zillowWell here we go again on one of my favorite rampages – if you are using Zillow to search for a home in Franklin TN please STOP now!

Firstly, you should know that Realtracs (our MLS) does not directly provide data to Zillow.  Want to know why?  Because Zillow was publishing a high level of inaccurate information about area listings.   Consequently if you are looking for Franklin TN real estate listings on Zillow, you are only seeing less than 50% of the actual homes for sale in Franklin!

Even so, Zillow continually demonstrates how the website is NOT consumer friendly and you won’t even know it (possibly until it is too late). This morning there is a Franklin home for sale listed on Zillow that my client wants to see this evening.  Despite what I tell all my clients they keep using the site and sending me listings that are replete with misinformation.

For example, today’s error centers around the school zoning for a particular home.  Scroll through the listing information and then reach a part that says “Nearby Schools in Franklin”  – Clovercroft Elementary is listed as are Woodland Middle school and Ravenwood High.  The actual school zoning is Clovercroft Elementary, Page Middle and Page High.  Let’s hope no-one buys this house assuming it’s zoned for Ravenwood High School in Brentwood.  If you did, do you think you’d have a case against Zillow?  Sadly not a chance.<End RANT>

If you’d like information on homes that is accurate and up to date visit my website  Just like that other website you can create a profile and save your favorite listings there and feel good that you are getting the RIGHT information on schools (and many other pieces of data).

I always welcome your feedback, you can call me (615 579-7909), email or like my Facebook page to be kept up with future blog entries and Franklin coming soon real estate listings.

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