June 21, 2017

Manduu – a workout unlike any other – Reviewed

When long time friend (and gym rat) Jason Ritzen told me he’s opening up an exercise studio, “unlike anything you’ve ever experienced” I was intrigued.  He was kind enough to let me have a sneak peek and here’s my review of Manduu’s first TN location in Cool Springs at the corner of Mack Hatcher and Cool Springs Blvds.

Manduu is well established and a big hit in Europe but basically brand new to the States where there are 2 locations (Santa Monica and Miami).  It claims something that catches everyone’s attention: man or woman – just one 15 minute workout a week replaces a full week in the gym.

You’ll need to set aside your longstanding preconceptions about what a workout really is and experience EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation).  You can learn more at the Manduu website but, in essence, stimulating your muscles while making strategic movements results in an incredibly efficient workout.

Forget your gym bag – you won’t need it – you walk into the studio for your appointment and step into a changing room where you’ll dress in a specially designed under-suit that is provided.  It’s a nice touch and means no smelly gym bag in your life!

Before any exercise, you’ll step on a machine known as the In-Body machine – it tells you more information about your body’s composition, fat levels and muscle ratios than you can imagine (I didn’t know it at the time, but this machine comes from an independent company who count NASA among their customers).  My trainer, Melissa analyzed my results and asked me if I’d had any trauma on my right side, how did she know?  Yep, the In-Body showed a muscle imbalance and my workout would now be tailored specifically to balance me out.

Analysis complete I strapped into my 2 piece exercise suit that fits snugly over the under-suit – this is when you know something is really different.  Next you are connected to the “machine” and while low voltage electricity pulses through your muscles, 4 seconds on, 4 seconds off, you work through a series of movements.  The intensity of the workout is adjustable for each area of your body and each movement is designed to work against the flex of your muscle – the science behind Manduu says that this exercises the muscle more “deeply” giving better results from less time.  Check out the photo of me doing a “lift” – there are no weights, you simply work against the flex of your own muscles and it is HARD work.  The feeling is indescribable but in no way uncomfortable or painful.

Just 15 minutes later the exercise suit came off and I felt a sense of euphoria – I was told this is typical after such an intense workout.  Changed back into my street clothes I was out the door in no time with a couple of words from the trainers – drink lots of water and DO NOT work out for at least 3 days .

Was I sore the next day?  More no than yes – I knew I’d worked hard but my muscles felt great, a very different feeling than after a gym workout – after day two, even more-so.  I could feel that my entire body had been worked out and would need several days to regenerate and recuperate.  I jumped at the chance to go back for a second workout the following week and having done a third this week, the results are obvious all over my body.  That 15 minute a week claim – I’m a believer!

Just like the workouts themselves, the business model of Manduu is unlike that of a regular gym where you join but showing up is at your own discretion (don’t gyms really plan for you not to show up?) – each session is scheduled ahead of time and there are no more than 2 people per session, meaning you get plenty of personal trainer attention.

When Jason told me that they are only looking for 300 people to put this studio at capacity I had no hesitation in telling him that he was really only looking for 299 more – I’m sold.  The cost for a session each week runs $55 – pretty comparable to what you might be paying your personal trainer.  The Manduu Cool Springs studio officially opens 6/28/2017 and I gather 2 more are in the works for Williamson County before the year’s end.

If you’re a busy person looking to get maximum results from minimum time – Manduu is for you, if you’re already a gym rat, I dare you to try it – I know several that have and they all love it.  Comment below and I’ll get you a complimentary first session.

My overall ranking: 10 out of 10 Stars.

As you know, selling real estate is my business and I’m always ready to assist you with your Franklin Real estate needs – buying or selling I have over 16 years experience and a group of clients who consistently feel like I treated them as I would family. I can always be reached at 615 579-7909 via Facebook and of course Email.

Disclaimer: My wife is an employee of Manduu, Tennessee however this is my honest and personal experience.  I was in no way asked to provide a favorable review, this is my personal opinion and I wrote this article myself.

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