December 20, 2019

John Dyrda Scam Artist

Very much written for search engine optimization this post is designed to be found by potential future victims of, “John Dyrda” or as he sometimes presents himself, “John Deerda”, even “John Drda”, or other real estate agents that smell a rat and Google this guy as soon as they talk to him.  Here’s his Facebook profile (as of Dec 20th 2019).

Feel free to read this post in full if you’re in denial that, “John Austin Dyrda” is anything but a con man or scam artist or do yourself a favor and walk away now from this convicted felon – it took me forever to figure out what his angle was/is and I was waiting for him to try to scam me as part of a real estate transaction.  However, it turns out that single women are his target – in short he finds single women (there seems to be a theme of widowers in his past) and convinces them to get together with him (he’s actually been charged with Bigamy before now) and then fleeces them of their savings.

I had the dubious pleasure of encountering John Dyrda on February 22nd 2019 when he signed up at my real estate website – I called him within minutes and immediately his story raised red flags that told me to proceed with caution.  You see, over the years real estate agents will encounter many con artists and they all tell a similar sounding story that usually begins with, “I have lots of cash to buy a home with”.  As soon as I got off the phone with him I Googled him and found this….

Hardly definitive as these posts were 7+ years old, but certainly something that reaffirmed my, “proceed with caution” approach.

Like all good scam artists John Dyrda is a charismatic individual with a truly great story to tell and he tells it so well – this is where another of John’s long term scams comes into play, John will tell you about his considerable heart troubles and the fact he’s had numerous strokes and heart attacks.  I have been told that while he does have these issues, he plays them up to the max and in fact tried to pull one over the Federal Government to get benefits to which he as not entitled, you can read about that HERE.

So – the story is pretty good and absolutely impossible to verify (I tried, believe me).  John claims that he had a friend who was a part owner of a Chicago Restaurant (John Dyrda is from Chicago) located in the Hancock building called the 95th Floor or the Signature Room at the 95th floor.  This friend died too young of a heart condition but because John suffers from a similar condition he bequeathed John Dyrda his share of the business, which was then subsequently re-purchased from him by the family that own it for an amount that varied.  John always claimed he had at least $7,000,000 but one day that became $10,000,000 – which he laughably explained away, “I told you about the $7 million but I kept a little back for myself” – when he flashed me the screenshot below of his bank account…..


He actually only flashed his phone to me long enough that I could see it, but not long enough for me to notice that this image was doctored as you can see below.


John’s story was constantly evolving with never ending and essentially borderline plausible excuses related to this inheritance which he both had access to but was “locked up” in a trust and the attorneys in Chicago had made a mistake or the bankers in Tennessee had made a mistake or the IRS had locked the funds as they were investigating the trust and so on.  Bottom line – this is no money there.

All the while John was milking his victim of her life savings while keeping her believing that this whole story was true too.  When the money ran out, John moved on to find his next victim and this is one of the many lies I caught John in (he told me she was a customer at his job, she told me they met online).

I could write endless details of how I knew John was a fraud (No John, your landlord wasn’t really ever in foreclosure and no, you didn’t get a court date and resolution within 14 days) but they really don’t matter – the goal of this post is to get current information out there online about “John Dyrda” and his activities.

As of my last knowledge “John Austin Dyrda” works for the Pool and Spa Depot and was working out of the Clarksville location but has also worked out of the Franklin location.  He drives an older model cream colored Cadillac Escalade SUV.  Real Estate agents beware, John has traveled the country (as all good con-men do) and has lived in many States from Coast to Coast.

Edit: I sent this to John the same day I published it (his birthday) with a trackable link – I know John read this.

Edit #2:  About 2 hours after I know John read this I received the following message,

“Good afternoon Simon, first let me truly say I’m sorry for what’s happened here. I know my wrongs and live by the choices I have made in life.
Before you start to blast me as a con man, there are some facts that you have wrong.
1) I don’t seek any woman out to take all they have and move on. NAME #1 REDACTED and I met on line yes, I was embarrassed to admit that at my age. Fact is, I never asked her for anything but time. I paid for everything.
As for NAME #2 REDACTED, it’s no secret she left for another man. Although she sites me for ruining her life. Again life’s choices.
As for my past, I worked for a major spa manufacturer for 21 years with a great name in the industry before my move to middle Tennessee. I have fought my entire adult life my twin brothers actions on his crimes he has committed. I have gone to the courts and have paperwork to show nothing on there is me. I would have never been able to take the position I have today without providing this paperwork.
You claim in your statement that SS is not entitled to me. The record you show is true, at that time I was denied, it was after that and having numerous strokes that they came to me and put me on it.
I have been truthful with you sir, I didn’t ask from you other then time and friendship. You can’t Doc a screen shot of your bank account and when something clearly states available balance
In these times of internet there’s no way to say one thing and do something else. Facts on line are not always true.
You’re entitled to your own opinion, I only ask that you keep my work place out of this please.
Thanks for your understanding,
I truly wish you and yours a happy holidays.
Thanking you in advance “

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