August 27, 2015

Is the Franklin real estate market locked up due to lack of inventory?

real estate locked upNot for the first time in the last few months, today I came up against what is a huge problem in the Franklin real estate market – that being a lack of inventory “liquidity”.

You see, I know plenty of people who want to buy a house in the area and many more who want to sell their house before they buy another, but there just aren’t options for them.

Here’s how the scenario works out, “hey Simon, we’d love to sell our house and are ready, but there’s just nothing for us out there that we’d like to buy so we don’t want to put our house up for sale until there is”.

The problem is that home Sellers don’t want (or need) to take sale contingent offers from Buyers and so a home Buyer and a home Seller is effectively trapped (even though they want to sell or buy they do neither due to the lack of inventory and reasonable market liquidity).

So what is the solution you wonder?  The answer comes down to effectively doing my job as a, “broker” for my clients.  I can soft market your home to my network of colleagues without ever having to put your house officially “on the market” – the best buyers will show enough interest that we’ll know that your home can sell at the drop of a hat and then we can find the right pre-market opportunity for you through this same network.

For buyers without homes to sell I can do the same thing – find homes before the sign goes in the yard and get you the chance to see a place “pre-market”.  You can learn about some of these opportunities on my Facebook page but I don’t publish ones on there that I already have clients for – that’s why I hope you’ll reach out to me if you need help finding a house.

I know this all sounds complicated and the reality is that there are many moving parts, but, if you’re not working with a connected Franklin REALTOR then you’re going to be spending a lot of time calling on listings only to be told they are “under contract”.

If  you’d like to end the frustration, fell free to connect with me.  I can always be reached at 615 579-7909 via Facebook and of course Email.

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