July 28, 2015

How safe is Franklin?

cropped-franklinwpheaderAccording to a recent report Franklin ranks #2 in the state of the top 10 safest places to live in Tennessee.  (FYI neighboring Spring Hill ranked #1).

Overall Franklin had the fifth fewest total crimes per person in Tennessee but breaking it down there 1,105 total crimes as follows:

  • 0 murders
  • 873 thefts
  • 90 burglaries
  • 25 vehicle thefts
  • 19 rapes
  • 20 robberies
  • 78 assaults

These numbers were from 2013 and were based off a suggested population of Franklin TN of 67,405 meaning that your chance of being involved in a violent crime (rape, robbery, assault or murder) was a reassuring 1 in 576 (compare this to Detroit (the most dangerous city in America according to Forbes) where your chances are 1 in 47!).

It’s no wonder so many people are relocating to Franklin – it’s not just the no income tax, low property tax, decent climate and friendly smiling faces.

Source: Movoto
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