March 2, 2017

Hard Knocks Franklin Reviewed

Hard KnocksMy 12 year old son calls it, “laser tag on steroids” and told me that he couldn’t wait to have some friends play at the new Murfreesboro Road location for his birthday.

I checked out their website and while I figured it would be fun for kids it really seems they are gearing themselves towards a more adult market (biggest hint – they have a full bar inside).  You’ll notice that they like to style the website with, “hot military looking chicks” because surely this attracts clients in 2017  (and definitely not appear tacky)?

The location is pretty interesting – you walk into a lobby that is far deeper than wide to find a desk where you sign in for games and receive a swipe card.  When we arrived it was a Friday at 4pm and they have an unlimited play option for 3 hours from 4  pm to 7 pm at a flat rate of $15.99 (this requires a membership and they prefer this to just be children (and their parents!)).  Regular games are member priced at $23.99 for an 8 game package (about 2 hours worth) and $33.99 for a 16 game package with $5.99 being the cost for an annual membership.  Without membership prices are $24.99 for 3 missions (45 minutes) and $36.99 for 6 missions (about 1½ hours).

When it’s game time you line up outside the “locker room” and split up into a number of teams depending upon the various “missions” you are about to undertake, then swipe your card and head into the “locker room” where you’ll find flack vests, each with one of three weapons attached – an AK47 machine gun, a rifle with scope or a handgun. One of their signature boasts is that when you use their weaponry it is the same weight as the actual weapon it imitates and looks ultra realistic.

At each stage you are guided by a regulator – a lady dressed somewhat like a football referee (and she is to be obeyed).  Once everyone is geared up you head into one of two large rooms staged for your battle scenario.  The scenarios include, capture and hold an area, destroy the other teams and rescue a hostage.

Your flack jacket is covered in sensors and each time you are hit you have a few seconds time out – after enough hits you die and the jacket lights up to let you know that you are eliminated from the game.

Each game lasts up to 15 minutes but I was pretty surprised that after the game you had no way of knowing your stats – assuming you “died” you know that, but if you want to know how many kills you inflicted vs how many received you’re out of luck.  As a guy, this took somewhat of the whole point out of it – isn’t this supposed to be competitive at some level?

Between games there’s a break where you remove your equipment and check it back in to await the next mission being announced.  Presumably you’re supposed to go to the bar and knock a quick one back during this time?

My conclusions, “laser tag on steroids” is one way to describe it but I’m afraid I wasn’t all that impressed (this is surely a sign that I’m getting old!).  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, just nothing special or next level about it.  If I want to get a drink I’ll go to a bar, if laser tag is what I’m looking for, I’d have been just as happy doing that and if firing realistic guns is my thing, there’s always the firing range.

My overall ranking: 6 out of 10 Stars.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Hard Knocks, this is my personal opinion and I wrote this article myself.

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