April 7, 2017

Franklin March 2017 sales show 3.8% appreciation

PrintThe first quarter of 2017 is over and I have updated my Franklin home sales statistics for the month of March.  Here’s what I can share with you about home prices in Franklin, TN:

  • Sales of Single family residences in Franklin were up to 191 in March 2017 (vs. 186 in March 2016 and 169 in March 2015).
  • The average home sold was 2,998 sq ft  (vs. 3,116 sq ft in Mar 2016 and 3,290 sq ft in Mar 2015).
  • Average sales price was $523,707 down 0.001% from $524,427 in 2016 but up from $517,083 in 2015 (but notice the difference in house size).
  • Adjusting to a square foot basis sales prices increased 3.8% to $174.69 per sq ft from $168.30  in 2016 & $157.17 in 2015.
  • 67 of these 191 sales (35.1%) were new construction (vs. 30.1% in 2016)

Again, making an adjustment of values related to home size is proven to demonstrate a greater level of understanding of home price appreciation in Franklin.   While total average sales prices over the last 3 years appear to have held fairly steady, the average home size in 2017 was nearly 9% smaller than 2015 meaning that when we adjust sales prices to a per sq ft basis, prices are actually up 11.1% over 2 years.  The difference in home size is clearly significant.

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