September 26, 2018

Franklin August 2018 sales show 6.5% appreciation

PrintAugust 2018 sales stats suggest annualized appreciation of 6.5% in Franklin which breaks down into the following detail:

  • Sales of Single family residences in Franklin were up to 241 from 240 in Aug 2017 (and 210 in August 2016)
  • The average home sold was 3,374 sq ft (vs. 3,116 sq ft in 2017 and 3,068 in Aug 2016).
  • Average sales price was $671,018 in 2017, up 8.4% from $581,740 in 2017 and $536,603 in Aug 2016.
  • Adjusting to a square foot basis, sales prices increased 6.5% to $198.88 per sq ft from $186.69 in 2017 and $174.90 in 2016.
  • Appreciation over the last 3 months comes in at 3.1%.
  • Appreciation over the last 12 months averages 4.4%
  • 27.9% of all sales were new construction

Remembering some of the volatility in July 2018 vs July 2017’s numbers I was somewhat expecting the numbers to “normalize” for August 2018.  The “rolling 12 month average” appreciation number for August 2018 came in at 4.4%.  Next month I plan to throw a graph your way to demonstrate the longer term dynamics in play.

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