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October 19, 2018

Rosemary Beach Property Owners Association Parking Ticket

Definitely filing this one under rants and raves, I wrote this post to help others that may receive a, “Rosemary Beach Property Owners Association Parking Ticket”, you’ll notice I put that phrase in quotes as this post is heavily geared towards search engine optimization. On October 18th 2018, my wife, a guest and I headed to […]

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September 26, 2018

Ferris Bueller Superfan: Franklin TN Realtor, Simon Hartland

I’m certainly the easiest Ferris Bueller’s Day Off fan to spot in Franklin. Have you seen me out and about showing homes? As a 12 year old my world was about to be changed by the charismatic title character – as the movie finished, I told myself, “I want to live life like Ferris Bueller!”.  […]

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April 1, 2017

10 ways to make your offer the winner in a multiple offer scenario

It’s no secret that the real estate market in Franklin has been hot these last few years – more-so than ever in Spring 2017 we are seeing multiple offer scenarios time after time on nice houses.  I make sure I tell all my clients that there are more ways to lose than to win in […]

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November 19, 2016

Why escrowing your taxes and insurance hurts you

Do you have an escrow account on your mortgage?  Each month you are contributing an amount over and above the principal and interest payments to cover your taxes and insurance and each year your lender has to provide you with an escrow statement – basically an update on how much money you have in escrow […]

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August 15, 2016

Is it too late to sell my home in 2016?

It’s mid August, summer’s over, the kids are back in school, but if you think you’ve missed the selling season – you’d be dead wrong! Around this time each year about 80% of REALTORS believe their year is over.  They stop trying to sell real estate and stop believing that even if they list a home […]

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July 18, 2016

Wine in grocery stores – what’s the big deal?

We saw, read and heard a lot about wine coming to grocery stores on July 1st this year.  What I’m wondering is – now that it is there, what do you think about it? Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been left nothing short of disappointed by what I’ve seen and (not) bought.  I expected […]

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March 3, 2016

Why it’s hard to be a Franklin TN REALTOR® in a hot market

Get your violins out and start feeling sorry for real estate agents in Franklin TN. “Why?” you may ask, after all every day my friends and clients utter the words, “you must love being a Realtor in Franklin when the market is hot like this!?”, as though selling houses is as easy as (or easier than) breathing. WRONG!! […]

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February 10, 2016

Budget Brakes – Thumbs UP

Quick shout out to the great guys at Budget Brakes – here’s my experience yesterday. We have an older “kid car” that’s probably worth $3,000 and has always been serviced at Toyota of Cool Springs) – when they told us that it needed new brakes and shoes at a cost of close to $400 I […]

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February 10, 2016

Why I love my “soft” southern snow days

Today’s blog post is inspired by my clients from New York (but could just as easily be from anywhere it snows “for real”). It’s no secret us Southerners get lambasted as being soft when it snows – here’s how it works: Extreme cold forecast – SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED! Potential for snowfall – SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED! […]

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July 28, 2015

How safe is Franklin?

According to a recent report Franklin ranks #2 in the state of the top 10 safest places to live in Tennessee.  (FYI neighboring Spring Hill ranked #1). Overall Franklin had the fifth fewest total crimes per person in Tennessee but breaking it down there 1,105 total crimes as follows: 0 murders 873 thefts 90 burglaries […]

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