February 10, 2016

Budget Brakes – Thumbs UP

Budget BrakesQuick shout out to the great guys at Budget Brakes – here’s my experience yesterday.

We have an older “kid car” that’s probably worth $3,000 and has always been serviced at Toyota of Cool Springs) – when they told us that it needed new brakes and shoes at a cost of close to $400 I wasn’t afraid to check into another option and budget brakes was it with their promise of a brake job starting at $89.99.  Dropping off at their Nolensville Road location tied in with another errand to I left the car there with instructions to change out the rear brakes.

Imagine my surprise when they told me to come and pick up the car without a brake job being performed because, in the words of Mike, “it doesn’t need brakes for about another year”.

How many times have you been talked out of work (particularity mechanical work on your car)?  Yes, I didn’t think it was many times.

Honesty is the best policy so you know where I’ll be getting brakes done next year…  I highly recommend them.


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