Month: September 2015

September 28, 2015

Is Franklin an Uber town?

I’ve often wondered if the highly contentious, always in the news, rideshare company Uber operates in our town of Franklin, TN.  I decided to experiment and find out for myself and the only way to do that was to experience Uber first hand. The quick answer is that the whole thing is so brilliantly simple […]

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September 11, 2015

NEVER trust Zillow

Well here we go again on one of my favorite rampages – if you are using Zillow to search for a home in Franklin TN please STOP now! Firstly, you should know that Realtracs (our MLS) does not directly provide data to Zillow.  Want to know why?  Because Zillow was publishing a high level of inaccurate information about […]

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September 4, 2015

Franklin real estate game changer

Yes I know that people like to over use the term “game changer” but if you’re thinking about buying a home in Franklin any time soon this really is game changing  information that you NEED to know. 30 Day real estate closings are about to be a thing of the past. Yes – that’s right, […]

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